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Albino Corydoras Hastatus

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This is for the pre sale of 1 pair.


Albinism is a common trait on all species, however it was never observed in Corydoras Hastatus until now.


Although Albinism in Corydoras Aenus is stable the albinism gene in Corydoras Hastatus is not. We believe that the trait occurred naturally in Australia in 2018 and the breeder has been trying to stabilise the gene.

Unfortunately as of 2021, the gene has not been stable and only occurs less then 10% of the batch.

In Nano Tanks Australia, we were offered the privilege to sell the first mature pair and we listed it on 18th January 2021.

The pair was sold for $250 AUD and given its rarity it would have gone higher then that.

Care Instructions

The caring of Corydoras Hastatus is the same as its normal variant.


This is a very rare species in 2021. We hope that it can be made in the near future. If you are interested please add it on your wish list.

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