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Gold Panchax Aplocheilus lineatus

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The Golden Panchax is an excellent surface dwelling fish for peaceful communities. The fish has a unique appearance thanks to its reflective scales, shape, and unusual mouth which appears to ‘grin’. These are natural surface dwellers and will rarely swim down, so surface foods are important, as well as cover such as floating plants, tall plants, or decor at the surface. An interesting feature of this fish is a large reflective scale on the top of the head, which is used in the wild to attract insects for food. Golden panchax’s are robust and adaptable and will do well in a suitable aquarium environment.

Golden Panchax Facts
Family Aplocheilidae (Killifishes) | Synonyms Haplochilus playfairii, Panchax playfairii, Pachypanchax playfairii, Panchax lineatus, Haplochilus lineatus, Panchax rubrostigma, Aplocheilus rubrostigma | Other names Golden wonder, Striped panchax, Sparkling panchax | Origin Asia; India, Sri Lanka | Breeding Egg scatterer | Natural Water Conditions pH 6-8, soft to hard | Natural Habitat Fresh and brackish ponds and small waterways | Sexing Males have a more intense colour, mature males may show some orange on fins

Reference: https://www.thinkfish.co.uk/fish/golden-panchax.html

Image from: http://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/Killifish/StripedPanchaxKillifish.php

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