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Darwin Algae Shrimp (Caridina sp NT nilotica) Caridina longisrostris

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Geographical Distribution

Darwin Algae Shrimps occur naturally in the top end of Australia. They are distributed in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Far North Queensland.

There is no geographic variation or differences between the regions as they share the same ancestors.

Dave from Aquagreen has posted some basic details about this species on his website however we will be expanding on his insights in this description.

In Dave’s website the shrimps can live in a wide array of temperatures however they can live for a short period of time on temperatures between 15-21 degrees celsius. They are also quite tolerant of pH and Water Hardness. They do prefer to be in soft tanin waters and they seem to be very comfortable with it as well.

Do we have the real deal?

A lot of sellers online normally sell Glass Shrimps (Paratya australiensis) and it is very easy to make this mistake as well. In order to resolve the species that we have in stock we have unknowingly done the following:

We accidentally sent invertebrates to a customer in Western Australia and it had been ceased by WA Quarantine as Inverts are not allowed in WA. Due to this the package was ceased and awaiting euthanisation. However while waiting for euthanisation the Quarantine Officer decided to put this up for testing. The initial test discovered that this was classified as Paratya australiensis. However later in the day it was pointed that it was a human error where the pheonotype that was used was Paratya australiensis in the WA Quarantine Database. This has been subsequently resolved and the correct name has been established for this species which is Caridina longisrostris.

Due to this knowledge and by direct confirmation from Quarantine WA (July 2020). NTA is confident that we sell Caridina longisrostris and not Paratya australiensis.

When you purchase from NTA be assured that you will be getting the real shrimps that has been sustainably harvested by a licensed collector from Far North Queensland.

What is it good for?

Caridina longisrostris is useless on algae that is stuck on the glass or on rocks that has a smooth texture. They will not touch these kinds of algae and it is better that you use Otocinclus for this.

What Caridina longisrostris is good for is Black Beard Algae BBA or Green Algae. They will also eat dead or decaying leaves.

If there are none of the above they will eat the biofilm in the tank.

ONLY if there is nothing left they will eat live plants. However this is very unlikely to occur.

Also, another component that we have observed is that these shrimps will eat left over fish food and also will cannibalise if one of the shrimps is weak or there is a failed molt. They will also attack dead fish.

Is it right for you?

If you enjoy an efficient algae cleaning machine this shrimp is for you. When you buy 6 or more it is safe to put it in a Betta tank as well.


Photo credit by Indir Tupkovic. Used with Permission. All rights reserved.

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1-5 Darwin Algae Shrimps, 6+ Darwin Algae Shrimps

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