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Wild Bettas

Wild Bettas are a delight to have and their behaviour is also very interesting.

This Category is subdivided to
1. Bubble Nesters
2. Mouth brooders

The genus Betta was first erected by van BLEEKER in 1850 with the Betta Trifasciata synonym to Betta Picta.

To date there are over 80+ Wild Betta Species that is known.

Distributed from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

There is also a genus which is considered as intermediaries which is in the Betta Foerschi group.

The following are the Phylogenetic arrangement of the Betta Species:

Betta akarensis group (Mouthbrooders)
* Betta antoni
* Betta akarensis
* Betta balunga
* Betta chini
* Betta pinguis
* Betta aurigans
* Betta ibanorum
* Betta obscura
* Betta midas

Betta alimarginata group (mouthbrooders)
* Betta alimarginata
* Betta channoides

Betta anabatoides group (mouthbrooders)
* Betta anabantoides

Betta bellica group (bubblenest spawners)
* Betta bellica
* Betta simorum

Betta coccina group (bubblenest spawners)
* Betta coccina
* Betta hendra
* Betta tussyae
* Betta persephone
* Betta rutilans
* Betta brownorum
* Betta livida
* Betta miniopinna
* Betta burdigala
* Betta uberis

Betta dimidiata group (mouthbrooders)
* Betta dimidiata
* Betta krataios

Betta edithae group (mouthbrooders)
* Betta edithae

Betta foerschi group (mouthbrooders)
* Betta dennisyongi
* Betta foerschi
* Betta strohi
* Betta rubra
* Betta mandor

Betta picta group (mouthbrooders)
* Betta picta
* Betta taeniata
* Betta simplex
* Betta prima
* Betta falx

Betta pugnax group (mouthbrooders)
* Betta Pugnax
* Betta fusca
* Betta schalleri
* Betta enisae
* Betta pulchra
* Betta breviobesus
* Betta pallida
* Betta lehi
* Betta raja
* Betta cracens
* Betta stigmosa
* Betta ferox
* Betta apollon
* Betta kuehnei

Betta spendens group (bubblenest spawners)
* Betta splendens (wild form)
* Betta smaragdina
* Betta imbellis
* Betta stiktos
* Betta mahachaiensis
* Betta siamorientalis

Betta unimaculata group (mouthbrooders)
* Betta unimaculata
* Betta macrostoma
* Betta patoti
* Betta ocellata
* Betta gladiator
* Betta pallifina
* Betta compuncta
* Betta ideii

Betta waseri group (mouthbrooders)
* Betta waseri
* Betta tomi
* Betta hipposideros
* Betta spilotogena
* Betta chloropharynx
* Betta renata
* Betta pi
* Betta pardalotus
Image from Instagram: @that1guy006

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