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Buy Premium Quality Bettas

Premium Quality Bettas in this section has been judged to International Betta Congress Exhibition Standards and when you discover these Bettas you will know why that is.

Australia and New Zealand falls under IBC Area 7.

The Standards can be found here:

What does a Premium Quality Bettas look to us?
Some label these as Grade A stock and we rightly think so as well.

There are a few components that define it (P31)
General Characteristics:
Dimension and Shape (Consist of size of body, fins and Overall)
Body Shape
General Condition – looking at generally how healthy it is
Deportment looks at if it is flaring or not
Finnage Characteristics – Dorsal, Caudal, Anal, Ventrals and Pectorals.
Colour Characteristics – Solid Colour, Bi Colour, Patterned.

Therefore, the way how we will judge the fish is when the overall judging score is lowest means that there is less faults on the fish.


1. We are NOT IBC Certified Judges
2. The fish located in this section has been self judged by the owner or a staff member
3. Please use your best judgement while looking through the video and pictures.
4. The opinion expressed in these fish are our own and others will have their own opinions including competitors. Use your own best judgement
5. The time and date on when we judge the fish is TRUE at the time of when we judge it. Therefore the older the judging gets the condition of the fish will change.

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