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Fish Diseases


Hey guys I want to just write this brief article to provide you some benefits.

We have had unfortunately events in the past especially with guppies that they can succumb very easily with columnaris. This is usually evident by finrot and tail for and also necrosis of tissue in the fishes body. Usually the disease spreads fast and you can get a massacre in a matter of days.

How does it start? Usually you can observe taddiness on the fins and the fish gets lethargic. As time passes this lethargic becomes more evident and the finrot and tailrot starts to spread. In severe cases the tail will be gone and there are white patches on its body.

Most people when they observe this has tried using multicure, formalin, paradise and even amoxicillin but from our experiences these medications failed us.

If you are having these issues we recommend you dose it with tetracycline using the dose of 1 tablet for 40l for 5 days and always add salt and coral to bigger the PH.

You should see improvements very quickly when you use this method.

Velvet/ Oodinium

The fish below has contracted Velvet. This is very common in fish that has been transported and usually resultant of stress. You can see the patches of it in its fins and body. Velvet is primarily a fungal disease

To fix it you need one of two things.. Metronidazole or copper sulphate. If you have shrimps then you need metro.

The dosage is 1g/100L of water for 5 days. You will need to act quick with this disease as it can take hold very quickly..

Please note that this is due to Stress due to transporting fish and it’s always a risk with the transporting of fish.

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