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Aquariums Are Great For Lonely Times

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If you’ve been looking for something new to do while we are all dealing with this global pandemic, especially if you are feeling a little lonely and trapped indoors, it’s not a bad idea to consider keeping fish.

Aquariums aren’t just beautiful to look at and a focal point of any interior space but can also be very engaging, providing hours and hours of fun – as well as plenty of discipline and routine for those that are finding themselves with more time at home than they are used to because of the present circumstances.

Below we highlight a couple of tips and tricks you’ll want to think about if you’re getting ready to start your own aquatic kingdom.

Here at Nano Tanks Australia we’ve helped thousands of people get their new fish tanks up and running (specializing in small freshwater fish as the ultimate Sydney aquarium supplier) and would love to help you set up your new tank, too.

Let’s get right into it!

The Sydney Aquarium is Shut – Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Own!

With the shutdown of the Sydney Aquarium, the opportunity for people in Sydney (and throughout Australia, really) to see the underwater world in action has really dwindled significantly.

Thankfully though, by creating your own aquarium – with our help – you’re going to be able to keep your own fish without any headache or hassle, giving you a chance to see these underwater goings-on at any point in time, day or night.

Best of all, the equipment you’ll need to get your new fish tank up and running has never been as advanced or as affordable as it is today. You won’t need a mountain of money to get your new aquarium started (we touch on the basics you’ll need in just a moment), that’s for sure.

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Fish Have a Relaxing, Calming Personality

A lot of people are surprised to learn that fish are one of the most popular pets, ranking just behind cats and dogs in a number of national studies.

Some of the advantages of keeping fish is that they are relatively easy to care for, provide endless entertainment and opportunities to learn, and can help you to relax and unwind as well.

You don’t have to train your fish, you don’t have to walk your fish, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up after your fish, either. A little bit of regular maintenance with the tank will keep everyone (including your fish) happy and healthy.

Kids love building a fish home

If you’re looking for something fun to do as a family, especially with everyone having to stay home because of the global pandemic, it’s tough to beat the hours of education and entertainment that your very own personal Sydney aquarium brings to the table.

Children will love the chance to build an underwater ecosystem from scratch, especially if they get a chance to help pick up the fish that are going to live in the tank. You’ll be able to fill plenty of time with fishy activities, not just during the recent pandemic were for years and years to come, too.

Combine that with the fact that a study conducted in 2011 by the World Health Design organization showed a direct link between improved mental health, decreased strength, and improved physical health with contact with nature – and a personal aquarium definitely fits the bill there – and it’s easy to see why you want to build one of these in your home.

Your $250 Aquarium Starter Kit

Here at Nano Tanks Australia, we’ve been committed to making sure that anyone looking to create their own Sydney aquarium at home has everything they need to get up and running – from the tank itself to the fish that will live in it and everything in between.

To get started, you’re going to want to make sure you have (prices are approximate, in AU, and will change over time):

  • A 16 litre fish tank (perfect size for beginners) $40
  • Enough soil or gravel to help with water flow and to encourage the nitrification of bacteria $5
  • Filters that can handle between three times and five times your tank volume per hour $25
  • Plenty of extra tank filter media to replace cartridges as necessary $5/ea
  • A water heating system to keep temperatures dialled in to the correct temperature and to fight disease $65
  • An tank water test kit to make sure that your fish aren’t living in toxic conditions $45
  • Plenty of high-quality fish food (fish should be fed twice a day, and buying in bulk can help you save big) $15
  • An tank vacuum that helps you clean nitrates, reduce the stress on your fish, and keep water clear $15
  • A high-quality fishnet for removing excess food, clearing away dead aquatic plant matter, and moving live fish when necessary $3
  • A glass scrubber that can quickly clean your tank, giving you a picture window into your own little underwater world $20
  • Shipping for fish tanks can be in the range of $35. All together, the starting equipment to expertly keep fish is very affordable and your fish will thrive in this environment.
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All-In-One Aquarium Starter Kits

You’ll obviously also want to pick the right fish to fill your aquarium with, and that’s something that we can help you with as well.

For more information or help getting your new aquarium up and running, contact us here at Nano Tanks Australia today!

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