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A perfect home for my Axolotl

Having an axolotl in your home is one of the most rewarding adventure for any child or adult to have. Axolotls are fascinating and they don’t need a lot to do well.

They do need however is clean and oxygenated water and by purchasing the tools that is required below is all you need to make sure that your axolotl get its best chance to survive and thrive.

We also encourage you to send us a message if you need us in case you have questions or queries.

Let’s choose a colour of your axolotl. There are usually Gold, White (Leucistic), Olive/ Black

First you need is a tank – The minimum I do recommend is the Blue Planet 41cm tank

The Second you would need is the life support system – think of these as a way to keep your axolotls water healthy

The first is a sponge filter, air pump and I suggest around 5 meters of air line tubing.

Axolotls prefer a cool environment so a heater is not required.

If you want to have a light then we suggest you consider looking a simple desk lamp or a light you get in Ikea… we can recommend getting you an aquarium specific light but for what it costs it might not be worth it.

The next that you would need is the chemicals. The two basic ones you would need is Seachem Prime and Seachem Stability

Seachem Prime is used to neutralise and Chlorine and Chloramines in the water

Seachem Stability is used to add beneficial bacteria for your tank. You should dose this for 7 straight days.

Ok, so with the equipment that is it that you need for your tank.

Other then that let’s look at decorations – the first thing you need to look at is substrate. There is a lot of talk online that indicates that your substrate should be fine as axolotls have been known to eat substrate. To that I do recommend you consider sand as your substrate

With the substrate out of the way let’s look at some sturdy plants we recommend the following

And that’s it.. we can deliver the above to you just let us know where you live

And you just need to add freshwater 🙂

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